Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow & Bed Rest

If you haven't heard, Atlanta is covered in snow. I live just north of Atlanta and literally have not seen this much snow in my entire life. It's also day 3 of bed rest for me. Sean and I were surprised and thrilled to discover we were pregnant about 4 weeks ago. I was scheduled to have my first appointment this week and was eager to find out how far along we were. Saturday I went to the bathroom and there was blood. We went to the ER and they did and u/s and exam. I saw our baby and it's little heart beating. My cervix was closed and I was told that the bleeding was the result of a subchorionic hemorrhage. A subchorionic hemorrhage is a fairly common event in early pregnancy where a small blood clot forms at the edge of the placenta and the amniotic sac. Anytime there is bleeding in pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage increases so we are anxious to talk to the doctor and get more information. I am on modified bed rest until I can get in and my butt is starting to hurt!

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