Sunday, January 16, 2011

There's A Middle Schooler Stuck On My Body!

I have about 95 pounds to lose. Just putting it out there so I have it where people can see it. I'll be joining up with the biggest loser club thing in a few but this is my statement to the world. I had planned on kicking of 2011 with weight loss goals, and then found out I was pregnant. Now that that is no longer an issue, I'm heading back to plan one. A better me in 2011. If you look over on the right you will see a place to "like" a Facebook page that I created along my a girlfriend for posting goals, concerns, questions, and for general support. Come join us!!

What kicked my butt in gear? Last night while going through old clothes, I came across a shirt that I refuse to let go of. You know the one. The one you looked uber hot in a decade ago and love too much to let walk out of your life. Well, I looked at the size on that shirt and realized that I was able to wear it when I first met my husband. I called him in the room and said "I didn't realize how tiny I was when we first started dating." He shrugged and agreed that I had been pretty little. I then looked up and said "I'm sorry." He just laughed and told me to get over it. But in truth, I am sorry. I haven't taken care of myself over the past 7 years and that's not good for either one of us. 

So starting in the morning... I'm making a change and I need to put it out there to someone else who would see it and make me feel like I was being held accountable.

Here is a photograph of me in the shirt that screamed "Callie! Get off your butt!" last night. I will wear this shirt by Christmas if not sooner!


  1. You and me, both! I've been carrying a small classroom of preschoolers for a while now. Nick and I made some serious changes in our diets recently, and I am really excited about my "walkabout" thing. We just might have to have our own little Peachtree Junior-Junior on your birthday this year!(I'm thinking it will be 2012 before I could even WALK the PT Roadrace!)

  2. My wife and I have recently changed the way we eat and what we eat. It wasn't that we were eating bad it's just a few small changes and it made a huge difference. I've lost 8lbs in two months which is huge for me because I'm disabled. My wife has lost 50 lbs in about 3 months. It's a mindset and you get what you put into it!